Emgee properties are ordered by Bombay HC to pay Rs 2.52 to Sussanne Khan

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MUMBAI: The High Court in Bombay upheld an order of an arbitrator ordering a firm to pay Sussanne Khan the Rs 2.52 crore.

About Susanne khan

On 26 October 1978, Sussanne Khan was born in Bombay as the third child of their family to Sanjay Khan and Zarine Katrak. This is a family rich in movies and fashion designers, including her father Sanjay Khan, who was a prominent actor in the 1980s. Her mother is both an actress and an interior designer. Zarine Katrak. Her younger brother, Zayed Khan, is an actor working in Bollywood, too. She has 2 elter sisters and a younger brother. Born as the eldest kid of the four, Farah Khan Ali is a jewelry designer and second sister of Sussanne, Simone Khan, is an interior designer.

sussanne khan

The appeal by Mudhit Gupta, the founder of Goa-based real estate company Emgee Properties, was rejected by the Chief Justice Bench, Pradeep Nandrajog and Justice Bharati Dangra, in a decision issued on Tuesday.

In September 2013, the company and Khan signed a contract to design the interior of a 12-house villa in Goa. The first phase of the project was labeled “Inception” and the second was labeled as “Detailed Design.” The payment for the first phase was Rs1.68 crore and for the second phase was Rs5 crore, the implementation of the project included. The first phase was labeled as “Inception”

The company did not use the services of Khan to carry out the second phase of its designs and refused to pay the amount due. There was a clause for the second phase of the project, however, stating that, if the services of Khan were not to be used for the execution of her design, she would be entitled to receive the architectural fee of Rs 2.52 crore. The fee for it is in addition to the money that is paid at that time.

The argument arose in relation to this part of the contract held for Khan not only by the arbitrator but also by a single high court judge and now a divisional bench.

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