Representatives of Zurich AG talk to officials of the Jewar airport master plan.

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The meeting started for jewar airport in Greater Noida in the afternoon at Lok Bhawan’s fifth floor and lasted until evening. The meeting was also attended by UP chief minister SP Goyal.


NOIDA: On Tuesday, Zurich AG officials had a detailed discussion in Lucknow about Jewar Airport planning with government officials. Senior management of the Zurich AG, the highest bidder of Jewar airport, had traveled to Sweden to discuss the plan for the next Greater Noida airport.

The meeting started in the afternoon at Lok Bhawan’s fifth floor and lasted until night. The meeting was also attended by UP CEO Secretary SP Goyal.

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Both sides sat together to understand each other’s expectations and take away from the project. The background of the aviation industry players who have been operating in the country has also been discussed, “said the officer who participated in the meeting.

According to officials, both sides wanted to be on the same boat before the master plan of the ambitious project was finalized. The group dedicated its time to understand the best practices and models to be followed for airport operations across global cities.

The design of the runways and the airfield pavement was also carried out. Another issue that was discussed was how Zurich AG planned to handle maintenance repair and overhaul of aircraft (MRO).

The Zurich representatives also took stock of the proposed infrastructure projects that would improve the airport site’s connectivity with the national capital region and surrounding districts.
Four senior Swiss representatives of Zurich AG, local representatives, officials of the Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority (YEIDA), private consultant Price Waterhouse Cooper, who attended the meeting.who is also involved in the project, as well as officials from the Chief Minister’s Office?

The officials of YEIDA, scheduled to attend the inauguration of the Defense Expo in Lucknow on Wednesday, reached a day in advance for the crucial meeting.


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