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According to ATTOM Data Solutions U.S. Foreclosure Activity Report, there were 49,898 U.S. properties.

In November 2019, properties with foreclosure filings decreased by 10% as of October 2019 and by 6 percent as of one year ago.
In November 2019, foreclosure was submitted to one of every 2,713 properties.

The five highest foreclosure countries were Delaware

(one in 1.112 units of residence); New Jersey (one in 1,278 units); Maryland(one in 1,476 units in each); Illinois (one in 1,535 units); and Florida (one in all 1,607 housing units) The countries with highest forfeiture rates were Delaware (on each of November 2019).

Columbia report higher foreclosure rates among major metro regions in Buffalo, Atlantic City,

Among the 220 metropolitan statistical areas with at least 200,000 residents, those with the highest foreclosure rates in November 2019 were Buffalo, NY (one in every 798 housing units); Atlantic City, NJ (one in every 968 housing units); Columbia, SC (one in every 1,082 housing units); and Fayetteville, NC (one in every 1,134 housing units); and Trenton, NJ (one in every 1,146 housing units).

Among the 53 metro areas with at least 1 million residents, those with the highest foreclosure rates in November included Buffalo, NY Jacksonville, FL (one in 1,172 housing units); Cleveland, OH (one in 1,279 housing units); Baltimore, MD (one in 1,307 housing units); and Philadelphia, PA (one in 1,343 housing units).

Bank repossessions up nationwide

Lenders repossessed 13,996 U.S. properties in November 2019 (REOs), up to 4 %from the previous month and up 22 % from a year ago.

Counter to the national trend, 16 states posted year-over-year decreases in REOs in November, including Utah (down 37 %); Oregon (down 36 %); Nevada (down 31 %); Connecticut (down 27 %); and South Dakota (down 23%t).

Also, counter to the national trend, 75 out of 220 metro areas analyzed in the report, with a population of 200,000 or more, posted a year-over-year decrease in REOs in November 2019. Of the 53 metro areas with at least 1 million people, those areas with the greatest annual decline in REOs were Salt Lake City, UT (down 58%); Seattle, WA (down 40 %); Las Vegas, NV (down 34%); Miami, FL (down 32 %); and Houston, TX (down 30 %t).

Foreclosure starts down nationwide

Lenders started the foreclosure process for the first time on 24,966 property owners in November 2019, down 13 percent from the previous month and down 11 percent from a year ago.

In comparison to the national trend, 16 states reported year-over-year gains in foreclosure starts, including Indiana (up 77%); Utah (up 44%); Nebraska (up 44%); Delaware (up 41%);

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