Month: December 2019

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real estate

Global growth in house prices slows to a low of 6 years in Q3

Hungary, Luxembourg, and Croatia enjoy the largest annual jump in home prices and growth. Home prices across 56 countries and territories around the world are rising at an annual rate of 3.7 percent on average, according to global real estate consultant Knight Frank. This marks the slowest growth rate in the index for more than…
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san francisco

Most competitive U.S. Homebuyer neighborhoods in 2019

White Oaks is the most desirable neighborhood area of the year for homebuyers, according to new research by Redfin. Alger Heights in Grand Rapids, MI, and East Arlington in Boston rounded out the top three competitive communities. Although communities in the Bay Area and Boston tend to be among the country’s most affluent, intense home…
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The Cracked Climate Conundrum VC-founded cement disruptor

It’s high time to annoy the real morter at a time of intense brick-and-mortar chaos. For the last 10 years and more, Solidia Technologies, a cement and construction technology company headquartered in New Jersey with a corporate fund, has worked hard to address the negative environmental record of buildings by analyzing not only the issues…
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Top sales of residential units start on fewer projects

Sales in the top seven cities across the country have risen by 6 percent to 1.44 lah, compared to 2018, while launches in 2019 have dropped by 14 percent to 1.37 lakh. (This story was first published on 24 Dec 2019) For the first time since 2016, yearly sales of residential property units have surpassed…
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